Trent Watts

Director of Photography | Producer

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Trent Watts

Director of Photography / Producer

With over a decade of experience, Trent Watts has filmed over 800 unique projects for some of the top clients in the industry.  His award-winning work includes commercials, branded content, documentaries, short films, music videos, recreations, and sometimes just really nice interviews (in fact, he’s lit over 3,000 interviews in his career).  His collaborative approach to every project starts by carefully listening to clients’ goals.  Then he works with his team to determine the best crew, gear, and workflows to fit the client’s budget, maximize production value, and convey the most crucial story elements.  Trent works with storytellers of all types; including creative directors, agency producers, broadcast producers, and production companies.  On shoots, he loves fostering a positive collaborative atmosphere where everyone can feel inspired to work at their best.  He enjoys being a connector between industry people, and has over 200+ trusted crew connections throughout the Mid-Atlantic US.