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Trent Watts has lensed over 900 projects as a Cinematographer, including commercials, documentaries, music videos, and narratives.  His narrative short, “Ro & the Stardust” qualified for the 2024 Oscars; his documentary work has been shown on Netflix, Showtime, HBO, and Nat Geo; and his commercials… those have been skipped over and fast-forwarded through by millions of people worldwide ; )

What makes Trent unique as a DP is his understanding of story.  He began at a young age as a writer and studied the craft of storytelling from authors like Joseph Campbell, Robert McKee, and later, Seth Godin.  He gravitated towards cinematography in college when classmates kept asking him to shoot their projects.  He found he had a natural eye, thrived in high-pressure environments, and enjoyed telling stories most when in collaboration with others.

On shoots, he enjoys fostering a collaborative and positive atmosphere, where everyone feels valued for their contributions, and crew and talent feel empowered to do their best work.

Ask him about his favorite movies list, which he started in high school, and which has grown to over 300 movies, ranked in 5 categories…Yea, it’s gotten way out of hand…😁